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Me, Too — And I Let It Happen

By Jamie Bernstein - The Huffington Post
October 23, 2017

This is what women my age used to do back then...

How uncannily connected they were, those two recent headlines: the death of Hugh Hefner, closely followed by the spectacular undoing of Harvey Weinstein. It was a kind of double obituary (one hopes) for the image of that 20th century American man of success, and the delicious perquisites that adorned his achievement.

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The Time My Parents ‘Took A Knee’ For The Black Panthers

By Jamie Bernstein - Huffington Post
October 18, 2017

The word “shitstorm” had not yet been coined, but that is what the situation became.

When we fret over the intense polarization in our culture today; when we shrink from the shrill tones of TV news and social media; when we despair over the callousness of the White House toward issues of race, police brutality and peaceful protest ― we might gain insight from looking back a handful of decades to see how similarly divided we were in another era.

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