No one throws a party like the Utah Symphony, especially if it's for a 100-year-old composer

By Lottie Peterson Johnson - Deseret News
September 10, 2018

If anything, the party has only gotten bigger in Utah since that late summer day. It’s the reason the composer’s firstborn, Jamie Bernstein, traveled from New York to the Beehive State just two days after her father would’ve turned 100 years old. On Aug. 27, a few of Leonard Bernstein’s family and friends — including the conductor’s last student before passing away — kicked off the 26th annual Moab Music Festival.

For Jamie Bernstein, who recently published a memoir titled “Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein,”the Moab Music Festival, which runs through Sept. 13, illustrates the celebration of her father’s legacy.

“This whole year has been so insane,” she previously told the Deseret News. “There have been so many celebrations worldwide. My brother, sister and I were really hoping for a global celebration, but I’ve got to say, it's beyond anything we imagined — and it's so moving.”

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Jamie Bernstein