Jamie Bernstein writes ‘Famous Father Girl’ memoir

By Tracee M. Herbaugh | AP - The Washington Post
June 13, 2018

“Famous Father Girl: a Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein” (Harper), by Jamie Bernstein

Private schools, a New England country home and socializing with the likes of President John F. Kennedy and family — this is what it’s like to grow up as the child of famed composer and musician Leonard Bernstein.

The maestro’s eldest daughter, Jamie Bernstein, has written a new memoir about her experience coming of age with her arguably eccentric and wealthy parents. The book, “Famous Father Girl,” is a name Jamie was given by a private school classmate.

“Back in second grade, it hadn’t bothered me too much,” Bernstein writes. “But now, in fifth grade, I became self-conscious about my famous father. I didn’t want to be singled out; I just wanted to be normal.”

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