Daughter honors Leonard Bernstein with the Houston Chamber Choir

By Lawrence Elizabeth Knox - Houston Chronicle
May 9, 2018

Throughout the evening, she will serve as commentator, offering personal reflections and remembrances of her iconic father, who died in 1990, and his rich legacy as a composer, conductor, author, pianist and music educator. In the past few months, she, like her brother and sister, has traveled to at least a dozen different cities, some multiple times, to take part in similar events.

“For us, it’s the most fantastic and irrefutable opportunity to both remind the world of who our dad was and what he left behind for all of us to enjoy and love,” she said, “and also to introduce him to younger generations who might not actually know so well who he is anymore.”

One of her favorite stories to tell is how she and her siblings discovered the extent of her father’s prominence, watching Wilma and Betty swoon with excitement on their way to hear “Leonard Bernstone” conduct the “Hollyrock Bowl” on an episode of “The Flintstones.”

“We looked at each other like, ‘Oh my God, I guess he must have really hit the big time,’” she said, laughing.

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Jamie Bernstein